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Are you looking forward to Binance login page ? Do you have a binance account ? In this blog we will explain you how to sign up, trade and earn profits from Binance. Setting up Binance account is easy but make sure you follow the guidelines here for your own benefit. Binance is world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Using it and earning profits, they both go hand in hand. One should have proper knowledge about the cypto currencies and then should start trading. Binance login site is usually used to trade crypto currencies. If you have bitcoin and you want to trade it to any other currencies or vice versa, then you can use Binance.

Binance Login website or App is the largest and safest platform to trade(buy and sell) Cryptocurrencies daily. You don't have to link any id (photo verification) to it. But you will get 2 BTC limit for withdrawl. If you are using it for small trading then use Binance login website or else you can register with them with your photo verification.

This is done to ensure your safety.

Binance login

How to do Binance Login

If you are already a Binance user then follow the steps to Binance login. Please make sure to follow the guidelines as there are several phishing websites.

  • Step 1 : Go to ( Please keep a note that you are the original websites as there are many fake websites)
  • Step 2 : Click on Binance Login
  • Now Step 3 : Enter your credentials (username or password), and the click on Binance Login
  • Step 4 : It will now give you a puzzle to solve, you need to use your mouse and drag that puzzle to its correct place(sliding)
  • Step 5 : It will send you the Verfication Link on your email address(or your registered email account). Click on the confirmation link and it will take you the binance login account official page

How to sign up on Binance

Signing up with Binance or setting up your Binance Account is not a big hurdle. If you are not aware of the crypto currencies then read more here.

If you want to trade crypto currencies daily and make a hefty amount of platform, all you need is a Binance account. To set up binance Account, all you need is an active Email Account and a good phone or a computer(laptop). We would suggest you to use your phone for fast and secure trading. On your phone you can download the Binance App from Play store or App store (iphone). Install the App. Now open the App or you can also got to the website in step 1 below.

Follow the steps below

  • Step 1 : Open the website
  • Make sure you bookmark the Binance login page, as there have been a lot of cases of phishing that mirror the actual site (clonning). As a precaution, you should also examine the URL and look for the SSL “Secure” Certificate to authenticate that this is the original site.
  • Step 2 : Now on the top right side you will see Binance Login or signup. Click on signup.
  • Step 3 : Now it will redirect you the official sign up page for Binance. Once you are there you will be asked to type your email id(active) and enter the password you want to choose for the account. Please Write down the id and password and a piece of paper too.
  • Step 4 : Click on sign up and it will give you a puzzle to solve. You need to drag the puzzle using your mouse to its correct place.
  • Step 5 : Open the above email id and click on the link in the email from Binance login. Please make sure you are receiving email from binance login or else you are on the phishing website.

Once you click on the confirmation link then it will take you to your account.

Congratulations you are now a binance user. We told you it was not a difficult task but trading is. We provide certain guides, tips or techniques to trade daily on Binance. You can use them too for better understanding of the crypto currencies.


Binance Login Support Number

If there is any problem which you think you are facing, you can contact Binance Support. They also have a phone to reach them or you can reach them via email as well.

Major problems faced during Binance Login or Account setup are :

1. Unable to sign up due to server error.

2. App down (Application is not working)

3. Unable to confirm the link or if you have clicked on the link but it's not working anymore.

4. Signed on to a phishing website. If you have done that do not use the same email id ahead and close the binance account.

5. Puzzle problem ( Unable to solve the problem)

These are the rare cases where you need to contact Binance helpdesk or Binance support number.


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